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Upcoming Events

february, 2020

31jan01febCoreCooler Fete

01feb6:00 pm02(feb 2)2:00 amSoca Brain KoolerCooler Fete

01feb9:00 pm02(feb 2)4:00 amLiquidCooler Fete

02feb3:00 am9:00 amiUPWet Fete

02feb2:00 pm8:00 pmWine on Rum StreetFood Inclusive

02feb3:00 pm7:00 pmPre P11MPCruise

02feb3:00 pm9:00 pmTropikini CarnivalCooler Fete

02feb(feb 2)4:30 pm03(feb 3)12:00 amYorkeAll Inclusive

07feb11:00 am4:00 pmBacchanal BoatCruise

07feb(feb 7)9:00 pm08(feb 8)3:00 amRoséCaribé Inclusive

07feb(feb 7)9:00 pm08(feb 8)3:00 amFrazzled FridayFete

07feb(feb 7)10:00 pm08(feb 8)4:00 amSoka With HerConcert

08feb4:04 am4:04 amRise 'N RoastBreakfast Party

08feb10:00 am4:00 pmBacchanal BrunchBrunch

08feb5:00 pm10:00 pmPrimeAll Inclusive

08feb(feb 8)8:00 pm09(feb 9)2:00 amilluSions Block-OBlock-O

09feb2:00 am8:00 amThe UprisingJ'ouvert

09feb2:00 pm8:00 pmBacchanal SundayDrinks Inclusive

09feb4:00 pm8:00 pmSip and SailCruise

09feb4:00 pm11:00 pmSherwin Lovell'sAll Inclusive

09feb(feb 9)6:00 pm10(feb 10)12:00 amUWE SplashCooler Fete

14feb(feb 14)9:00 pm15(feb 15)3:00 amCooler ParkCooler Fete

14feb(feb 14)10:00 pm15(feb 15)5:00 amArmy Fete

14feb(feb 14)11:00 pm15(feb 15)5:00 amCupsCooler Fete

15feb1:00 am1:00 amFire FestCooler Fete

15feb3:00 am9:00 amDuttyJ'ouvert

15feb3:00 pm7:00 pmFrazzledCruise

15feb(feb 15)9:00 pm16(feb 16)3:00 amYorke "Sokah" CoolerCooler Fete

15feb(feb 15)9:00 pm16(feb 16)4:00 amBlue RangeAll Inclusive

15feb(feb 15)10:00 pm16(feb 16)4:00 amChutneylandCooler Fete

15feb(feb 15)10:00 pm16(feb 16)4:00 pmRewindCooler Fete

16feb1:00 am8:00 amBe SocaBreakfast Party

16feb3:00 am9:00 amJam NationBreakfast Party

16feb2:00 pm6:00 pmWhite and AnythingCruise

16feb3:00 pm9:00 pmFruit PunchFood Inclusive

16feb(feb 16)5:30 pm17(feb 17)12:00 amLavishAll Inclusive

16feb(feb 16)6:00 pm17(feb 17)12:00 amDifferentAll Inclusive

16feb7:00 pm11:00 pmGot SocaCruise

18feb3:00 pm7:00 pmK-PayaCruise

18feb3:00 pm9:00 pmCrème de la CrèmeAll Inclusive

19feb(feb 19)4:00 pm20(feb 20)1:00 amLimeAll Inclusive

19feb(feb 19)8:00 pm20(feb 20)12:00 amDeja VuCruise

19feb(feb 19)9:00 pm20(feb 20)3:00 amWet FeteCooler Fete

19feb(feb 19)10:00 pm20(feb 20)3:00 amEnigmaCooler Fete

19feb(feb 19)10:00 pm20(feb 20)5:00 amPunchy WednesdayCooler Fete

19feb(feb 19)10:00 pm20(feb 20)4:00 amSoca is LifeFete

20feb5:00 am11:00 amA.M.BEACHBreakfast Party

20feb1:00 pm8:00 pmHeadley'sAll Inclusive

20feb3:00 pm9:00 pmDéboulésAll Inclusive

20feb(feb 20)10:00 pm21(feb 21)4:00 amTRIBE IgniteDrinks Inclusive

20feb(feb 20)10:00 pm21(feb 21)5:00 amStranded by the PoolCooler Fete

21feb4:00 am10:00 amAlive at 5Breakfast Party

21feb10:00 am3:00 pmRise & ShineCruise

21feb10:00 am2:00 amEscapeCruise

21feb1:00 pm9:00 pmKarukeraAll Inclusive

21feb3:00 pm11:00 pmPhuketAll Inclusive

21feb4:00 pm10:00 pmCarnival EstateCooler Fete

21feb(feb 21)8:00 pm22(feb 22)3:00 amParty in ParadiseCooler Fete

21feb(feb 21)8:00 pm22(feb 22)3:00 amBrian Lara "B.A.D. Friday"B.Y.O.B.

21feb(feb 21)9:00 pm22(feb 22)3:00 amSwitchDrinks Inclusive

21feb(feb 21)10:00 pm22(feb 22)4:00 amEruptCooler Fete

22feb3:00 am9:00 amJam JunctionBreakfast Party

22feb4:00 pm10:00 pmEstate 101All Inclusive

22feb5:00 pm12:00 amJamboreeCooler Party

22feb(feb 22)8:00 pm23(feb 23)2:00 amSS WassyCruise

22feb(feb 22)8:00 pm23(feb 23)2:00 amFete for LifeAll Inclusive

23feb3:00 am9:00 amFestival of ColourJ'ouvert

23feb4:00 am10:00 amWake UpBreakfast Party

23feb4:00 am11:00 amSunny Side UpBreakfast Party

23feb4:00 am11:00 amBreakfast IsBreakfast Party

23feb5:00 am12:00 pmShadesBreakfast Party

23feb2:00 pm10:00 pmHavocPool Party

23feb3:00 pm9:00 pmCarnival IslandCooler Fete

23feb(feb 23)4:00 pm25(feb 25)12:00 amBrian LaraAll Inclusive

23feb4:00 pm10:00 pmLuxxAll Inclusive

23feb4:30 pm10:30 pmParadiseAll Inclusive

23feb5:00 pm11:00 pmSalybiaAll Inclusive

24feb(feb 24)8:30 pm25(feb 25)3:00 amBrass BacchanalCooler Fete

26feb12:00 pm6:00 pmSunscapeDown the Islands

26feb2:00 pm11:00 pmSplashPool Party

26feb3:00 pm9:00 pmCulTTivateFood Inclusive

26feb(feb 26)10:00 pm28(feb 28)4:00 amBago FestCooler Fete

27feb11:00 am5:00 pmSargassoDrinks Inclusive

28feb1:00 pm5:00 amStranded TobagoDrinks Inclusive

29feb01marTRIBE Las JamRoad Party