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More Life!
Event: More Life!
Location : The Hills (formerly Club Coconuts)
Date: Saturday, August 19, 2017
Cost: $200TTD
Time: 10pm-4am

More Life! Episode II

The Hills 868 (Formerly Club Coconuts)

#67 Ariapita Road, St.Ann's, (by Cascadia Hotel), 

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago



It's that time again! It's been almost a decade that our beloved friend P-Nut has been kicking renal failure in the teeth!! Life on a machine isn't easy nor is it cheap so you know why we're doing it...

Come let's celebrate life again with him and mark the 10th year in grand style!! 


Same venue as last year! Same vibe! Get ready for DJ Titus to shell down the place! 

Loose Joose Crew - will be there!

Fatima Conneck - inside!

Roll Waist Mafia - check!

Vendetta International-added! 



Call: 326-4SUN (4786) OR 755-6563 For more info/Tickets



Remember this is a grown folk party and grown folk don't like boats! We like space to boogie and the freedom to come and go when we please!!! So More Love and More Life! See y'all on the 19th August!!

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